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Accessorize! The three rules you need to know for fall

September 12, 2019 2 min read

Over summer but not quite ready for fall? You can still switch it up with a few well-chosen accessories. Here’s how we’re doing it at Dockers Shoes HQ.

Those socks are so you

happy socks

Everyone needs a style signature — so why not be The Guy With The Bright Socks? There’s a reason that celebrity stylists buy colorful socks in bulk: It’s an affordable way to express your personality without even having to think about it. Stock up, and make everyone’s day when you cross your legs to expose a flash of deep red or sunshine yellow. And we do love a patterned boot sock peeking over the top of your boots.

Do I have to match my belt to my shoes?

The good news: Nobody is seriously suggesting that you go out and buy a belt to match every pair of shoes in your closet. That would be weird. If you’re wearing jeans or khakis, you really don’t have to match your shoes to your belt — and to do so might actually look a bit too fussy. So feel free to mix a canvas belt with leather sneakers, or a weathered tan belt with brown rugged boots. We’d suggest keeping them in the same color family, but that’s really about it.

When it comes to formal outfits, however, the old rule still applies — and according to designer Tom Ford, you should match the leather of your watch strap too. So: Please don’t team a tan belt with black leather dress shoes if you’re wearing something formal. You’ll just look sloppy.

Lace up for a pop of color


Your mom knows that changing up the buttons on a cardigan is an easy way to stamp your personal style on an outfit. We’ve got a hack that’s even easier: Just swap out your shoelaces. Whether it’s with your favorite sneakers or this season’s new fall boots, contrast laces will add a confident hit of color. Try red laces with tan shoes, orange with brown, and green or khaki with black.



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