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Knits: not just for sweaters

by Dockers Shoes May 22, 2019

Whatever your day looks like, real life is all about being on the go. Whether you’re pacing around taking a work call or circulating at a summer party, you’re not sitting still for long. So when it comes to dress shoes, you want them to be able to move with you.
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Don’t be afraid to go sockless this summer

by Dockers Shoes May 13, 2019

Are you ready to show some ankle? Ditching your socks is the easiest way to signal that it’s summer — and it’s not just for impossibly suave Europeans who spend their time lounging around on yachts. 
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Head To Toe Looks For Spring Layering

by Dockers Shoes April 23, 2019

Sun’s out, guys! Spring is finally here — which means you’re about to do that thing where you pull out last year’s t-shirts from under the bed and discover that they don’t look as good as
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Dockers Smart Series Grand Tour

by Dockers Shoes April 09, 2019

We are so excited about the launch of our new SMARTSERIES™ collection of shoes, we are embarking on a multi-city, multi-stop pop-up promotional event to engage our customers where they shop, work, and play.
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These Shoes Are Genius

by Dockers Shoes March 20, 2019

Edison, Einstein, Hawking… Notice anything about our Dockers Smart Shoes? We weren’t kidding when we named them after some of the world’s greatest minds. 
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America's Favorite Khaki

by Dockers Shoes November 01, 2018

1986 was no ordinary year.  A gallon of gas was 89¢, Halley’s Comet buzzed the earth, and a company called Dockers® was about to upend what guys wear to work forever.
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